About WSG

Wireless Systems Group, strives to be the industry leader in wireless audio equipment leasing, rental, sales and installation.

Organizations, such as theaters, houses of worship, government agencies, schools or businesses, can now utilize cutting-edge wireless technology without a major investment. This is a significant distinction in a time of tightened budgets across every industry sector.

A small but dynamic company with a large vision. West Palm Beach, Florida-based WSG is committed to providing its customers with the excellent customer service and the right equipment for specific needs.

One major benefit to working with such a motivated company is the knowledge that your needs will be handled personally and promptly. Company president Craig Downey has worked in the professional audio industry for 16 years and has developed solid relationships based on his proven track record. Others have described him as confident, detail-oriented, energetic, with a sense of humor but completely focused on the task at hand. Craig is available to new, potential and existing clients.

WSG always provides the right manpower to get a job done ? whether it requires one person or many, customers can expect exactly what is needed.

As one client noted, “their work is first class, and WSG will work extra hard to get the job done. And they always return your phone calls.” The personal touch distinguishes WSG from its competitors. Of course, dealing with industry leader Sennheiser equipment is a perfect compliment.
“There are other companies that rent stuff, but not many with wireless systems
the quality of WSG. Craig definitely has the most equipment and knowledge.”

– Brian Ridolfo, Technical Director, Crest Theater @ Old School Square
Other clients note that it?s WSG?s ability to handle last minute requests that makes them loyal customers. Whether microphones, full public announcement systems or wireless systems for small crowds are needed, WSG can handle the request.
“With WSG it is the overall experience. Craig is definitely customer-service oriented.”

-Alan Jones, Media Director, Christ Fellowship
Staying technologically up-to-date and using the most advanced equipment is a top priority in many industries, including production companies and television studios. In other industries like theaters and houses of worship, top quality sound helps retain the audience. If your company currently has a wireless system and retro, refit or repair is necessary, WSG has the expertise, manpower and ability to complete the job.

For more information or a quote, please contact WSG at sales@WirelessSystemsGroup.com or call 561.686.5599.

WSG surpasses all expectations with its outstanding customer service, highest quality equipment and exceptional, outstanding results. When you request the service of WSG you can be assured that the job will be done right. For further questions, e-mail info@WirelessSystemsGroup.com

Client List and Testimonials
Match Point – International Tennis Championship

A WSG client since 1999, Match Point is a men?s professional amateur tennis championship held in Delray Beach, Florida. WSG provides the temporary public announcement system for national and international television, allowing the audience to hear umpire calls, scores, and player announcements. WSG also handles the media interview room and small pa systems for VIP areas.

“Craig is fantastic,” says tournament chair John Butler.
Christ Fellowship Church

“We rent according to specific event needs throughout the year,” says Alan Jones, Media Director for Christ Fellowship Church. “We?ve been working with WSG for two years and particularly with last minute requests we?ve found him to be very helpful.”

Christ Fellowship seats up to 2,500 people and is located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Jones notes that WSG sets up the rental equipment, ensures it is in proper working order and gives peace of mind to the event coordinators that when needed all equipment will perform as expected.
Crest Theater

Brian Ridolfo is the technical director of what he calls a ?roadhouse? theater, meaning it hosts traveling shows.
“The shows have certain needs and it is always last minute. WSG is great for that.”

Ridolfo notes that between Crest Theater?s indoor and outdoor venues they host more than 1,000 events a year, from operas to outdoor festivals. And that means that hundreds of thousands of people, with their cell phones and walkie-talkies attend these events.

In this technological age, there are fewer and fewer frequencies available so it has become crucial to many shows success that their wireless equipment not pick-up interference from the audience.

“WSG is able to provide frequencies that give our audience uninterrupted, clear and top-quality sound,” he says. “There is some cheap technology out there, but what WSG provides is steady and first rate.”
Broadcast Service Group

Howard Rogers, president of Broadcast Service Group in Orlando, finds his company has a variety of needs that change depending on the show they are producing.

“We were doing a show in the Palm Beach area and needed additional microphones. It became a question of shipping in the equipment or renting it. We found WSG and they had a system that was similar to what we were using. Everything worked well and they had exactly what we needed. We have used their services since and will continue to call on them as needs arise.”

About the President
“If you rent a system from WSG, you rent a full system! It?s ready to go and the client can be confident
they are getting every piece they need for crystal clear sound.”

WSG president Craig Downey knows how important high quality sound is for successful events.

A musician, Downey learned the wireless audio business through first-hand experience. His expertise is derived from years of working as an audio equipment installer; the sound ?guy? on the road with bands; as a manufacturer?s representative for audio equipment and for other companies.

Downey takes great pride in assuring clients that customer service is his top priority.

“Make it as easy for the client as possible.”

Downey?s motto is central to WSG?s focus on customer service.

“When you rent from WSG, we recognize the system?s got to work. When the equipment gets to the client, we can be on hand to set-up, test the system and answer questions.”

WSG has conducted individual clinics for clients. These have been particularly effective for organizations that use groups of volunteers ? like local theaters and houses of worship.

Contact Craig at craig@WirelessSystemsGroup.com